Aug 252014

Congratulations to Mick and Lisa who got married just over a week ago at Linthwaite Church before heading to the White Heart at Lydgate (Saddleworth) for their wedding reception in one of Westfields beautiful Beaufords.

No two weddings are ever the same and Mick and Lisa’s wedding followed that trend! This is a couple and a family who know how to party! Very relaxed and a pleasure to spend the day with. The day started off photographing and documenting with the boys in Honley – (hair of the dog fellas?) with a good degree of ribbing for the groom! All in good spirit and lots of laughs… I then headed over to do some photography at the Bride and Grooms house where the Lisa and the girls were getting ready (I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pics of the kittens too!). On to the Church, a warm welcome by the vicar is always nice and bish bash bosh, Mick and Lisa were married!

Unfortunately, just to prove I can’t always be lucky with the weather, the heavens opened and the wind howled when we were due to take some of the photos but we stopped (very briefly) on route to the White Heart and got a quick picture with the car (I fear we might have seen Lisa floating off into the sky if we’d opened an umbrella)!

We just managed to squeeze most of the group shots in between downpours (thanks guys!) and took the opportunity of another dry spell to get some portraits (again, the wind was blasting us and everything was soaking).

After one of the most technically challenging days I’ve faced (all overcome but it kept me on my toes!) and loads of laughs later, I left Mick and Lisa to enjoy the rest of the night after their first dance (I even had a bit of a boogy myself!). Enjoy the photos guys (a very small sample!) and your full gallery will be online soon.

Click to view large!

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