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Leanne and Jason's wedding | Hazlewood Castle Photographer

Hazlewood Castle wedding

Leanne and Jason’s Christmas wedding took place at the stunning venue that is Hazlewood Castle on the 27th of December and I was delighted to be their wedding photographer. Particularly so as Leanne is a cousin of mine!

This was my first wedding at Hazlewood Castle but I felt right at home from my first meeting with Leanne and Jason at the venue. Everywhere I looked was a photographers dream and the staff were all great, from the those that met me at the door to Rev. Ian who was totally open to allow me to do whatever I wanted! In fact, the selfie style shot was his suggestion and I was only too willing to oblige!

Keep reading and scrolling down to see a huge selection of the photos from the day!



My day started with the ladies, capturing the events of the morning before catching up with Jason and the lads – the fact that they were all getting ready at one venue made it easy for me to dart back and forth (my fitness certainly came into play with the number of steps involved!) carrying various items as I went!




Because the chapel is not sanctioned for marriage, the bride and groom had their relatively low key (yet emotional) legal wedding in the gold room before heading over to the chapel for the blessing – a fun, memorable ceremony for all the right reasons. I’d also like to pay my compliments to the beautiful, talented pianist (who just happens to be my wife!).










Straight after the service, we did a quick group shot in the chapel before heading out in the unseasonably warm and bright weather (talk about lucky!) for more photography. Working as quickly as possible so that Leanne and Jason could get back to their guests, we rattled through the group shots and did a quick tour of the grounds to capture some portraits of the two of them.





Speeches before and after the meal (and some great singing along with the talented sax player) kept me busy through the afternoon but it was also nice to sit down and enjoy the delicious meal! We also took the opportunity of the empty space around the castle whilst the other guests were eating to do a couple of indoor portraits.







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