Jun 292013

A few snaps from a little test shoot I did in Barnsley the other day – it’s always good to give new kit an outing when it doesn’t really matter!


Feb 262013

With the snow just about behind us I thought I’d do a quick post with some of the photos I’ve taken from around the area during the last few weeks. Things have been going great lately with plenty sales of framed prints and cards from the Gallery Café in Honley – I’m currently the resident landscape photographer there so feel free to pop in for a brew and take a look at the work I have there!

Farm In The Mist - Holmfirth
Cold Snap
Snow Fields - Farnley Tyas
Sheep In The Snow (Wilshaw)
Lonely Tree (Farnley Tyas)
Sheep and Trees At Sunrise
Bright Red Sunrise - Lower Denby

Dec 042012

I absolutely love the colours in the sky on a cold winters morning before sunrise. I saw the forecast on Thursday evening and decided that the following morning was going to be worth getting up for so I packed my camera equipment before bed and set my alarm!

Alarm goes off – it’s dark and cloudy – do I get out of bed? Well.. I’m not going back to sleep! But where to go.. Up into the hills above Holmfirth? Not this morning – I don’t have enough time before work! So.. Castle Hill.. I’ve been meaning to return to the spot to do it some justice since I did a family shoot there earlier in the year. It’s a spot I’m very familiar with – I’ve lived within sight of it almost my whole life!

THE Huddersfield Landmark!

For those that don’t know it, Castle Hill is THE local landmark in the Huddersfield area. The tower was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 60th year of reign (although the anniversary year was 1887, the tower didn’t open until 1899) although the site has been know as “Castle Hill” for much longer. There was a fort on the hill as far back as the iron ages and still had a castle until at least the 12th century. The site is also steeped in folklore (which I love!) including stories of dragons, Queen Cartimandua of the Brigantes, the Devil leaping from here to Netherton Scar (8 miles away where he is supposed to have left his footprint), underground tunnels and even links to Arthur’s Camelot! Maybe none of it is true but who knows 😉 It is certain that there are many archaeological remains on the hill.

The Tower

As things stand, Kirklees council are about to decide if a new pub should be built on the site (one stood there until around 2001 when it was demolished and a complicated planning battle began).

As always, prints available! Perhaps an ideal Christmas present for someone with links to the Huddersfield area 🙂

Jan 252012

I just love living on the edge of the Peak District! All of these photos were taken within a 10 minute drive of my house (plus a 30 minute walk!) I headed up into the hills above Holmfirth once again – frost on the ground and moonlight overhead – to witness the sun rise on another day in this beautiful part of the world. The landscape just begged to be photographed! I started with a wander down the Wessenden Valley, heading towards Marsden but the distant sound of flowing water persuaded me to head across the bank of Wessenden Head Reservoir (following the sheep!) towards a little waterfall. Unfortunately, after finding the waterfall, the path turned out to be a dead end (I’d hoped it would link up with the Pennine Way footpath and lead me on a bit of a circular walk) so I headed back up the hill towards my car. I didn’t drive far before I had to pull over though – the cloud rolling up the valley from Digley towards Bradshaw and Marsden Clough was stunning so I jumped out and rattled off a couple of shots before heading home for a nice cuppa!

Click on the images to view large.

Jan 032012

It has been a while since I last got the chance to take some fresh landscape photos but I finally got the chance to go for a wander in the hills over Christmas and New Year period. I headed for a walk up West Nab in the near Meltham (on the edge of the Peak District). The wind was blowing me sideways and the ground was frozen solid but the view was worth the climb and the cold!

The particular spot I took this photo from is known locally Raven Rock – one of a group of local spots with ‘Raven’ in the name. One of the rocks has some ancient carving on it that is thought to signify the boundary of the ancient local tribes.

As always – prints or usage licences are available! I’m planning on getting this printed on canvas for our dining room!

Happy new year to all! Looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store!

May 172011

A little while ago I dropped a hint about a project that I was involved with for the Marsden Moor National Trust Estate – well – it’s now out in the wild!

Lightbulb brand design agency got in touch with me back in February asking to licence some of my landscape photos for use in a promotional video for the National Trust.

Lightbulb also managed to pull some strings and get a reading by local poet Simon Armitage CBE. The video and some of the photos were also shot by the team based in Honley, Holmfirth.

I’m rather chuffed with the outcome of this project.. I love to see my photos used in such a way and look forward to working on similar projects in the future.

Apr 182011

Recently, I have been working with Lightbulb Design on a couple of projects. The main project is for the Marsden Moor National Trust Estate and still receiving some spit and polish so I will keep it under wraps for now but as a bit of an aside, one of my images is been used on the Holmfirth Artweek website (also designed by the good people at Lightbulb). The website has been designed by Lightbulb as a gift to artweek in recognition of the money they raise for Macmillan Cancer relief. I was shocked at how the level of activity that artweek has – Last year they raised £650k and exhibited 18,000 artists work! Makes me feel a bit small that I was only one of them!

Anyway.. The main reason for this blog – photography!! The Marsden Moor project got me itching to return to the hills again. I headed for Raven Stones on the edge of the National Trust estate – at 500m up, it was a bit on the breezy side and, been the daft sod I can sometimes be, I’d left my car in a hurry and forgot to pick up my tripod. Oh well.. Things didn’t work out too badly..

Watching The Sun Go Down - Meltham, Holmfirth

Watching The Sun Go Down

West Nab Trig Point - Meltham

West Nab Trig Point - Meltham

Fenced Off - Grass Tuffs On The Moor

Fenced Off - Grass Tuffs On The Moor

Bob Bray


Looking over towards Rebrook and Swellands Reservoirs near Marsden as the sun went down. Ravens Edge is just on the left. A cracking evening...

Towards Rebrook and Swellands Reservoirs near Marsden

Good Night

Feb 012011

I stirred early on Saturday morning (perhaps in practice ready for the imminent arrival of our little one!) and decided to have a wander about in the hills around Meltham and Holmfirth. I rapped up well (-6C up there) and was ambling about up there by well before the sun came up with only the grouse for company. As the sun came up I set up for this shot with the moon still in view and the frosty boulders in the foreground.. More to follow.

Sunrise / Moonset over Meltham

Sunrise, Moonset - Meltham

Chill Under Foot

Sunrise over Kirklees

Bright Start

Also I’d like to mention – I have dates available for wedding photography from June onwards. Get in touch if you or someone you know is planning on tying the knot! Take a look at my wedding packages or blogs from recent weddings

Jan 042011

A little look back at some of my favorite landscape and wildlife images from 2010 – Thanks for all of the support and I look forward to bringing you more in 2011! An exciting year!!

Dec 272010

Never one to be put off my freezing conditions, I headed up into the hills above Holmfirth to capture some pre-sunrise landscapes. Well worth getting cold for (and driving round a few road closed signs!)

Keep watching this post.. I’m going to keep adding more pics over the coming days.. Merry Christmas!

These are taken around Saddleworth / Meltham moor. As always – prints are available.

Snow Covered Wall

Snow Covered Wall

Wessenden Wall In The Snow

Wessenden Wall In The Snow

Day Break

Day Break Over Holmfirth

Gateway To The Big Freeze - Bradshaw Moor, Holmfirth

Gateway To The Big Freeze - Holmfirth

Oct 202010

Spring and autumn are my two favourite times of year to be in woodland. The yellows and oranges that autumn brings along with the quality of light at this time of year can make for some spectacular scenes.