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Wedding Information

I am deeply passionate about wedding photography – as a photographer there is no better feeling than knowing you have taken photos of the most important day of someone’s life and that those photos bring pleasure to the couple, their friend and their family. I only started to offer my services (in a very low key way) as a wedding photographer in 2010 but already have had the pleasure of creating some wonderful memories for some wonderful couples.

On your wedding day I use a mixture of styles to capture the full story and emotion of the day – and that is the job of the modern wedding photographer. I work quickly so we can get the formal group shots done, leaving more time for you to socialise with your guest and more time to spend capturing your wedding portraits. Most importantly of all, I make sure that things stay fun and relaxed – I aim to make you and your guests feel like you have a friend photographing your wedding day!

From my base in Honley, Holmfirth, I cover Huddersfield and the surrounding area area including venues such as Temple Newsam in Leeds (photos), The Huntsman near Holmfirth, Saddleworth Hotel in Delph (photos) and Bagden Hall near Denby Dale (photos) and spots further afield such as Fountains Abbey (photos)

I create a blog entry for every wedding I do so you can judge me by my recent work – I don’t display a portfolio of a few cherry picked images since I think it can be a bit misleading..

All the packages I offer include full coverage so you get a record that tells the full story of your day. To give you some idea, this is what’s included.

Initial Meet-up

Great! You’ve found me! Either by word of mouth, my website or some other means – whichever way, it’s good to meet up face to face or via Skype to talk about your wedding day and what I can offer. We can get to know each other a bit and I’ll talk you through my approach. We can sort out your wedding contract and your booking is secured by payment of a small deposit. From this point onwards, I’m your photographer! Call on me whenever you like – got a question about timings or flow on your big day? Just ask!

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot and Consultation

About a month before your big day, we’ll arrange to meet up for a coffee, quite often at your wedding venue or a nearby cafe or pub. We’ll chat more and go over your wedding plans, any shot lists, any special requirements. After that it’s the bit that many couples dread – standing in front of a camera! Don’t worry! This is your chance to get used to having your photo taken and by the end of this shoot, you’ll feel much more relaxed about it. I’m easy going, we have a laugh and every couple that I have done a similar shoot for has walked away feeling a lot better about having their photo’s take. You’ll be more relaxed about it all when it counts – your wedding day! We can scout different locations at and around your venue / venues so that we don’t waste any time on your wedding day (I’ll quite often have done this before you arrive or on a previous visit to the same venue). You’ll get an online gallery within a week with an option (but no obligation) to buy a disk of the images (£50), prints, thank you cards or canvas prints (from £45).

Your Wedding Day!

It’s here at last! Your big day!

I’m yours for the whole day. I’m happy to arrive at 7am if that’s what you want! Every wedding day is different but I typically arrive between an hour and two hours before your ceremony to capture a bit of the  atmosphere – the finishing touches, the details and some lovely moments with your closest friends and family. About 20-30 minutes before the bridal party is set to leave, I’ll head to your wedding venue to get some shots of the boys and people arriving before meeting the bridal party as they arrive. Through out the ceremony I keep a low profile but make sure I get enough shots to tell the story and capture the most important part of your day.

After the ceremony, we’ll shoot some group shots and capture some stunning portraits of the two of you before you sit down for your meal. I’ll disappear whilst you eat (I use the time to refuel and set up equipment that I’ll use later in the day) and reappear to get some photos during the speeches.

I usually do two or three short portrait sessions during the day (for example, after the ceremony, sunset and at night) so you can have a range of different looks / lighting. If it fits, I’m happy to do quick portrait shoots with your friends and family too (your Mum and Dad, siblings, bridesmaids and partners, best man and partner etc…)

I finish when I think the jobs done and not before so if you’ve got fireworks in mid summer, I’ll be there! I’ll get photos of your first dance and get some more shots of your guests and then come and say goodnight!

Throughout the whole day I’ll be aiming to get those shots that make your wedding your wedding, photos of people enjoying themselves, meeting and greeting and busting moves on the dance floor!

I dress smart – no logos – and aim to blend in. I’ll be like a guest and hopefully, your friends will think of me as one of your friends so we can have a laugh and so I can capture them at their most relaxed.

 After Your Wedding

About a week after your wedding I’ll send you a link to your wedding blog and about a week after that (depending on my schedule) you’ll get an on-line gallery and your disk of images.



If you’ve chosen to have an album, you’ve got some big decisions to make! Which photos to include and which to leave out. Take as long as you like! When you send me the list, I design the album and get it printed – it’s usually back with you in 4-6 weeks.



"We’ve looked through the photos and they’re absolutely brilliant, they make a wonderful record of the day. We were never in any doubt over what a good job you’d do, but these were everything we’d hoped for and better."

David & Jill

"Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the lovely presentation. We are very grateful for your hard work and we will have many years of enjoyment from looking at these fabulous pictures."

Janet & Denis – Parents of the Groom

"Jillian and David were delighted from the start with what they had seen of your previous work and the manner in which you negotiated their requirements, and they are exceptionally impressed, as are we, with the results from the big day. Your hard work and unobtrusive approach were most appropriate"

Tim & Janet – Parents of the Bride

Some pictures nearly made me cry, some of them made me laugh out loud but your biggest achievement was the way you captured the real joy of Vic and Alex's wedding day.

John – Father of the Bride


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